Monday, July 18, 2011

In the midst of "messy"

My mind feels as messy as my house right now -toys and books scattered, empty bookshelves and half emptied cupboards, a stack of boxes in a corner.... Yet it's quiet. The washer is humming and children are napping, reading, playing happily. My mind feels much the same - questions and feelings scattered around, emptied sadness and half emptied tears, a stack of things I need to do but where should I start? And yet it's quiet. Underneath there is peace. It's easy to miss among the scattered bits and pieces of normal life right now. Yet I know it's there and because of it I can carry on, straighten up the scattered stuff and add to the stack marked "done". Still, the feeling of messiness is there and it would seem so nice to forward to that distant place called "settled in the new"! But then, the rainbow comes a.f.t.e.r the rain, and the sunrise a.f.t.e.r the night. Healing a.f.t.e.r pain and victory a.f.t.e.r the fight. So, for now I'll live in the mess, look for the peace and try to decide what to do next!

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