Thursday, July 28, 2011

A mom's heart

When my first child was born I can't honestly say there was an "instant bonding" or "indescribable love". I struggled a lot with feeling detatched and just not like I thought a mom should feel! I'm still kinda that way although over the years my "mom instincts" have kicked in. Right now is one of those times when I realize my "mom-ness" is very much alive. If there's anything about this move that I'd like to erase, it's the heartache of my children. It's hard on a mom's heart to see her 7 year old cry and struggle to understand and accept. To see realization finally dawn in her 3 year old and then the tears and "But I don't WANT friends in Ohio!" To lay her youngest down for the last night and know that this little lady has no idea she'll be in a different bed tomorrow night... Guess what? If I really want my children to adjust to these changes happily, it's on me...hard swallow.... Ok God! Let's rally! Good bye house! Good bye all our stuff! We'll be back in three weeks to pack you up! We can do this!!

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