Thursday, July 21, 2011

Playing Church

Sometimes I get too busy being a mom. The endless washing clothes, preparing food, cleaning up the dirty dishes, picking up toys, changing diapers, answering "why" for the 999th time, settling yet another fuss, cleaning the house, straightening up the house, picking up the toys, making the children help with the work....whew! I'm exhausted! Yesterday was that kind of a day. Suddenly I realized I was too busy being a mom! I told the 2 oldest to think of something fun they'd like to do. They chose writing things on slips of paper and putting them in plastic eggs. So we spent the evening playing Blitz, Go Fish, Memory, church (Yes! Complete with devotions, sermon, the whole bit! Hilariously fun! My baby doll was so naughty :) ), and ending with a long walk. I still have a gargantuan stack of dishes in my sink from canning salsa and pizza sauce yesterday. They dont look any prettier this morning. Still, something tells me playing church w/ a naughty baby doll ranks a lot higher then any stack of dishes!

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