Monday, August 29, 2011

Isn't God Something Else?

I've struggled with a post all morning. Even sent one but it's not showing. Something has suddenly become very clear in my mind and I must share it. When we first made the decision to move to Ohio I thought life was falling apart. I couldn't imagine living in Ohio. Didn't want to live Ohio. God had been slowly chipping away and I had known we would probably move but Ohio? No. It didn't fit what I thought God wanted for us. It hit me recently that the reason God hasn't provided a house for us may be His creative way of showing me that there are worse things then living in Ohio. You see, for the last month I haven't even struggled with moving to Ohio, all I've struggled with is not having our own place. "Why doesn't God work something out? Surely He'll do something!"...and on and on... "If I could just have my own place! Who cares if it's Ohio?!" Isn't God something else?? And just when I think I have His ways figured out I'll learn something else I suppose!

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