Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lightning, I dare you to strike!

Well, it's back to the familiar home front. Packing is moving right along. Chris is getting his shop stuff squared away. I think we'll get done what we need to these next four days! (Wait! Was that ME talking??) Chris told me yesterday that I'm so negative that lightning couldn't even strike me.  OUCH! Not a nice thing to say to your spouse!!  I didn't want to accept that I might be that bad but to be honest, I probably am. The truth hurts you know!  So. I'm determining to be positive. Determining to focus on the good stuff - children playing games, older ones reading stories to little ones, stacks of boxes all packed up, my dad taking off work to help Chris, my mom babysitting for me, Chris making arrangements for so many details so things get done, sisters who help me pack, a rocking chair to rock Lillian cause she "wants mom"....and a husband who doesn't just pity me and let me cry, but loves me enough to point out the truth even when it hurts.  Look out day!  I'm positive, so lightning better stay away! :)

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