Thursday, August 4, 2011

Only A Three Year Old

Aaaah three year olds! What a mixture of innocence and awareness, stubborness and sweet helpfulness, unyielding mind set and gullible trust, ability to manipulate and total naivety to appropriate conversation.. It's a sweet age, a challenging age, an exasperating age and a totally lovable age. Who else could tattle on Grandpa cause he didnt take his shoes off? Who else could ask Grandpa why he's drinking orange juice and suggest that he should try water? Who else could turn the tears off over a new pair of scissors? Who else could sing so loud while playing baby that you think the windows just might shake? Who else could stay awake so long at night saying "I'm just so tired of sleeping on the floor I just cant sleep here anymore!"? Who else could say "but I want to" until your anger rises but flash smiles that melt your heart to a puddle? Who else could trust mom so completely to know how to fix everything? Who else has such boundless teaching potential? Only a three year old. O Jennifer! How I love you :)

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