Monday, August 22, 2011

This morning I said good bye to Arkansas, the state I've lived in for 32 years. To 644 Ben Rd, the only house we've ever owned and fixed up. To Shady Lawn, the only church I've ever been a member of. Feels like I've done most of my crying earlier but the lump in my throat as we walked out the door this morning was hard to swallow around. It helped to see Chris wiping tears from his eyes and I knew I'm not alone. This is what leaving and cleaving means. WE are family, him and I and these 4 little souls we've created. No matter where we are, no matter the changes, no matter the adjustments, we're in this together. It's sad to close chapters, sad to leave 10 years of memories and what's familiar. Our story is not all written yet though, and in order for it to read the way the Author wants we have to cooperate with His writing of it! So, I'm beginning the next chapter. The lump hasn't totally disappeared from my throat but I'm ready for God to begin writing, and see what He has in mind next for this story! #

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