Monday, October 3, 2011

A universal language

Everbody is different, we all know that. Still, there are certain things that are universal. We all enjoy a delicious meal. I think everyone feels happier after a good laugh. A night's sleep makes us all feel better. And, I believe understanding from another person is something we all crave. It helps, on this journey called life, to know "right" things- God's commands, good manners, proper etiquette... Those things make life easier, smoother. Still, sometimes no matter how many "right" things you know, or how much they help, face it: life just sucks!! It's those times when a bit of understanding is like the missing ingredient in a bitter cake. There's nothing that can raise a hung head, square slumped shoulders, lift a burdened heart like understanding! Of course a good cry thrown in never hurts either :) I was on the recieving end recently and it was a reminder to me to do the same for others. It doesn't take lots of wise words, just a caring heart that takes a bit of time to speak understanding.

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