Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Dark In Here Lord

It's dark in here, Lord, oh where is the light?
I can't do without it, I'm too weak to fight.
It's dark in here, Lord, how then can I see?
The pain and the hardness take hold upon me.
It's dark in here, Lord, is this the right road?
It feels terribly rough with this awful load.
It's dark in here, Lord, how then shall I walk?
I know the "right" things but they're all empty talk.
I wait in the darkness, this blackness so near,
will there be an answer? Or is God not here?
The darkness is close, and still my ears strain
. And then comes the answer in words very plain.
"Mistaken, my child, it's not dark in there.
And, yes, I am here and, yes, I do care.
This darkness you speak of is what you surmize,
The truth is, my child, you have covered your eyes!
You've chosen this darkness. You choose not to see
The light I have placed there, the scraps of beauty.
Uncover your eyes, child, there's plenty of light.
Uncover your eyes and you'll be alright!"

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Old Ollie said...

wise words B.

The Orange Tree said...

powerful emotions,

it is dark,
but things will definitely be alright.

emily wierenga said...

oh wow. love this. "uncover your eyes..." yes. if only we would...

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Oh definitely! If we see no light, we've covered our eyes! Patsy from