Thursday, December 1, 2011

In The Words Of A Child

We were shopping Tuesday night, my husband and I and our 3 and 2 year old daughters. "Town" and "McDonalds" go together in that age mind, you know, so the youngest was voicing her choice of eating place in no time! Jennifer, however, has a new, 3 year old type crush on Wendys. "I wanna go to Wendys!" she kept repeating. Nobody gave her a yes or no and everytime we got back in the car it was the same thing. We tried to tell her "Yes, we know now where you want to go. Now just wait and see!" In typical Jennifer fashion, that wasn't a good enough answer. Finally my husband told her "Stop banging the Wendys door or we're not goin anywhere!!" A small voice spoke, "Daddy I won't ...... But just GO there!!!" I laughed until I nearly cried :) But somewhere deep in my adult heart I identified with my 3 year old. How many times I've had that very sentiment in my heart in the past six months! I wonder if God looks at me in the same amused, understanding, exasperated, parent heart way as I looked at my 3 year old?

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hannah singer said...

ha! adorable.
also, i sure do act like that sometimes:)