Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 things you might not know about me:

1) I drink tea in the morning. No coffee! 2) In order to accomplish things I must make lists. 3) My husband does 95% of our grocery shopping...and I like it! 4) I'd rather sew a whole new dress then pick apart and redo mistakes. 5) If I get a letter or anything good in the mail I read it right away! 6) I'd usually rather sit and quilt with ladies for a day then go shopping with them. 7) I'd much rather write a note/letter then pick up the phone and call! 8) I can only stand a mess and clutter for so long then it's gotta go! 9) I don't enjoy driving and can go somewhere w/ someone 6 times and still not be able to get there by myself. 10) I hate to be cold and would choose a hot summer day over a cold winter one any day! Have a happy Thursday :)

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