Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"She shall be called woman..."

I've always been taught that a woman's place is at home, caring for her family. I believe that's what God intended when He took Adam's rib and formed a woman. I never realized the extent of the instinct God placed inside a woman until we moved 5 months ago. Like the geese flying south before winter hits, I discovered an inner compulsion to care for my family! We packed all but the necessities in boxes in AR and began life in OH. Suddenly I had no purpose. I got bored and depressed. We mothers often lament and sigh over our busy lives but I found myself longing for the need to be busy. I realized that the dirty clothes, dishes, faces, bathrooms and floors all screaming for my attention were, in fact, gifts of purpose and a reason to live! That organizing and caring for my own little nest and creating "home" for my man and littles is my very life breath! The first few days in our "2 month" trailer were spent soaking up common tasks like a long overdue bath. What a gift!

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