Monday, January 23, 2012

Up against and stuck!

Do you ever come up against something, sit down and figure out what it is and then have no idea what you're gonna do with it? I was grouchy this week end and sat down to find out I'm homesick. Figured out that Mrs Loner Bethany gets lonely and craves friendships too. See, I AM a loner. Most of the time I can make it just fine by myself. Chris has been my best friend since I'm married and I haven't really had anyone else. But, I always had family for those times when I did need someone else. Here? Well, here there are no sisters and mom. Here if I need anyone besides me and my hubby I'm gonna have to do something more then talk to a few people after church. So, I've realized the cause for the grouchiness but I really dont wanna do anything with it! It's too hard so I'll just make it on my own, thank you. Truth is though, I'm lonely. There's some wonderful ladies here and I should just pick up the phone, make a visit, extend an invitation but the thot just stays that: a thot. Guess I'll just be grouchy! :)

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