Thursday, February 16, 2012

Faith Is

Faith is trusting, believing, accepting, obeying, resting, acting, surrendering, and more. It's fairly easy to have faith in a large, comfy armchair or a huge, concrete bridge. Not too hard to obey commands like "stop at the stop light" or "watch for cars before you cross the street". Exciting, actually, to accept the idea of marrying your best friend or going on the Mission Field you've dreamed of. But sometimes there are situations that just do not make sense no matter how hard I try. What if there's no way to explain how a "loving" God would let this happen? What if everything about the deal flys smack in the face of the promise that God is "good"? What then? Does that mean He's not? That I can't? If I can look squarely at those situations and be ok with saying "God, there is no possible explanation to make this all make sense but that's ok. I trust You." THEN I have discovered what Faith really Is. THEN I know the truth and it makes me free. THEN I have pleased Him. Because that is what true Faith Is.

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