Monday, March 5, 2012

Two Short Months

How can can two short months bring such a tug at one's heart? We moved back to Chris' parent's Saturday and today I went back over to the trailer to tie up loose ends. I walked in the quiet, neat as a pin house and suddenly was overcome with emotion! All the good times we had there flashed before me. The cozy evenings with toys scattered everywhere, the games we played, the food, the dishes the children washed, the tears we cried and the laughter we shared... I actually walked through the house and cried! God gave us an incredible gift those 2 months and I am so thankful! There are some exciting things happening for us that makes moving back easier (stay tuned!) but daily life is still daily life and it's not all easy. Now's my chance to mesh the two - To embrace the emotions: have my cry. And then, look at the facts and live out of the truth that God is good and has been orchestrating things perfectly all along and will continue to do so! I think I've decided that there is a "higher road" ...maybe :)

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