Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chapter 3. In Which Chris Needs An Assistant And Menno Finds One

Now Chris was the only student who came for all 4 terms that year. Being the Editor of the Calvary Clarion he had several assistants. As one of his assistants departed at the end of 2nd term, he said unto Menno, "Get me another assistant for the work is too great for us." And Menno said, "How about Miss Yoder?" And Chris replied, "She will be fine." After 3 days had passed Chris inquired of Menno whether he had asked Miss Yoder concerning the matter. And Menno replied "I have asked Bethany Gingerich." And Chris went forth from the office in surprise saying to himself "Well, at least I know who she is!" Now Bethany was in a turmoil, for being on Clarion Staff appealed to her but some members on said Staff did not! And Chris met Bethany in the hall and said unto her "I hear that Menno has asked you to be on the Clarion Staff?" And she replied snippily "Well I dont know whether I'm going to or not!" And he went his way puzzled and thought "What was her problem?!?" But after much thought she agreed to help.

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