Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Amongst It All

I guess I still haven't recovered from a month of writing daily! Somehow I haven't been able to slip back into my normal routine here. Maybe it's because my days have been filled with "busy" lately. Chris has been working on our heating system and on our bedroom that is not yet finished. This brings extra mess and chaos to the rest of the house which, while I'm rather happy to endure for the sake of a bedroom, does get old! Then too we've brought a few more things out of storage like our big and small book cases (now where in the world are the shelf pegs??) and, of course, boxes of books to be sorted and put on shelves (IF we can find those pegs!) Not to mention I've had the furniture re-positioned every which way trying to decide how best to fit everything in! Oh, and of course I helped w/ the hot lunch Thanksgiving meal on Tuesday and tomorrow Chris' family will all be together... Yes, it's busy and chaotic around here! But it's good. Amongst it all there's much, much good, and I am so very Thankful.

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