Monday, November 12, 2012

Back At Last :) ... Lessons on Focus

I am not a shopper. Nor am I a good decision maker (hmm...are those 2 connected?) So, an invitation to join a group of ladies for a day of shopping at an Outlet Mall sent me grabbing the nearest excuse (a big day planned the day before) and saying no. Turned out my big day got changed and I was thrown into indecision... "I don't know these women and am not the same stripe!" *And who keeps saying they're lonely and longs for interaction?* "I'm just not a shopper! Especially not that kind of stores!" *Who says it has to be about shopping? Why can't you have a good day and not buy a thing?* End result? Thursday morning I headed out feeling like an 18 yr old walking into Bible School for the 1st time. I was determined to remember 2 things: 1) It's not about shopping 2) Listen to Hearts. That day was so good for me! I realized that in spite of differences, we were 12 women with hearts that want to follow Him. Focusing on that instead of 'what do they think of me' and 'what do I think of them' was so freeing!


tabitha said...

Ah, yes. I would be ready for another ladies' day out. So glad you went, and that you had a good day!

Faith said...

Good for you, Bethany! I am glad you had a fun day!