Thursday, December 20, 2012

The gift of memories

Ever think about how amazing our memory is? All it takes is seeing a certain thing or hearing a certain song or even smelling a certain smell and we're transported to another place and time! Last week i was browsing in a thrift store when i suddenly had one of those moments. I saw these stacks of brown cups and my eyes must have grown wide! I've never seen those particular cups except in my mom's cupboard! I was instantly transported back to sunday mornings as a little girl. We always had hot cocoa or tea for breakfast and as the youngest, i always got one of those brown cups. They weren't breakable, they held just the right amount for a little girl, and the wide mouth allowed a hot drink to cool faster. I stood in that aisle a little while and savored the memories..... It's only two more sleeps until we head for arkansas and that kitchen with the familiar brown cups...more memories are
waiting to be made and that makes me happy tonight!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Trust and Obey, for there's no other way........

I knew when I spent the month of October writing about "Leaning" that it was for me. But I was thinking 'for me' in the sense of processing the past happenings and things God had been trying to teach me. Somehow I didn't take into account that it might be 'for me' in the sense of preparation! One look at the emails in my inbox from the past month would make you wonder - "What Happened Sunday Night", "CAT Scan Results", "Pics of the others on the trailer in the accident".... just the subject lines are enough to tell you a bit of the stories! It felt like my emotions reached over load status last night when I was feeling sick-ish with stirred up sinus issues. It feels like God is about something so very much bigger than I have even a glimpse of seeing! I'm reminded that all He wants from me is trust. He doesn't need my help to figure things out or to help take care of things or fix things. He wants me to trust in His all knowing plan and rest.... I don't think He minds the good cry in the bathroom though :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Of warm thoughts, moodiness and focus...

Last night I left for the evening with warm thoughts of nice notes to my husband about how much little things like having the car parked in front of the house and ready for me makes me feel so loved and cared for.... Three hours later I came home feeling moody and thinking only of the pile of dirty dishes I saw in the sink and the children who were waiting for me to put them to bed! I wish this were an isolated incident but I seem to have far too many examples of this kind of thing lately. Maybe it's as simple as my husbands text to my question "What is wrong w/ me?!?" - "You are pregnant." But somehow I doubt it. It's true, in the busyness of life these days feeling tired and fat and added aches and hormones does color a person's day. Feeling like you are pushing yourself to do what needs to be done does makes every squabble and messy room loom larger than usual! Still, the fact remains that I choose what I focus on and that choice that I make can be the difference between warm feelings and moodiness!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

And The Winner Is.........

Wow! I wasn't quite prepared for the flood of comments on my itty bitty, 0 Comments blog! But what fun I had reading them all!! I loved hearing the variety of books you've been reading-and the amount! Some of you have quite a stack going! I can't even boast of 1. Except, of course, Tiggy Goes to the Hospital, the Sweet Pickles books, and endless Laura and Mary stories on CD... Oh, y'all came to find out about a Winner? So sorry! Gotta stretch my blog's bit of popularity for all it's worth, you know :) One thing yet: I want y'all to know that in addition to Dorcas and I sharing husbands w/ similar qualities, we also share "the realization that the things that cause us the most consternation about our husbands are simply the other side of the traits we love and admire most, and we consider ourselves privileged and blessed!"(Dorcas) Yes, yes, I have randomly drawn a winner and we happen to attend the same church! CHERYL MILLER, I will hand deliver your book on Sunday! Thanks y'all. Now go buy that book! :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Needed: Blue Glasses and Hearing Aids

One evening last week I sent Chris an exasperated text saying I felt like *ahem* choking some kids and going and doing something fun! (I know.) I was trying to involve children with cleaning house and make supper and I felt tired, fat and decidedly grouchy! Chris came home and suggested we eat quickly and go to town. I'm sure I looked at him like he was from Mars! At any rate, he could tell I wasn't a fan. The idea was dropped and we had one of those evenings where we, well...didn't avoid each other, but each did our own thing. The next morning he asked me "Why?" sigh. "Come on. That wasn't really the point of my text!" Then, trying to be Oh so helpful I explained "I'm a woman. Sometimes I need to just blow off and then I feel better. I don't necessarily need it fixed." Suddenly I saw myself plainly! Chris had offered me a full cup of love by offering to "go do something fun" and I had taken it and dumped it in disgust because I wanted "pink" love, and his was "blue"! Town? No thanks. Love? Accepted!