Thursday, December 20, 2012

The gift of memories

Ever think about how amazing our memory is? All it takes is seeing a certain thing or hearing a certain song or even smelling a certain smell and we're transported to another place and time! Last week i was browsing in a thrift store when i suddenly had one of those moments. I saw these stacks of brown cups and my eyes must have grown wide! I've never seen those particular cups except in my mom's cupboard! I was instantly transported back to sunday mornings as a little girl. We always had hot cocoa or tea for breakfast and as the youngest, i always got one of those brown cups. They weren't breakable, they held just the right amount for a little girl, and the wide mouth allowed a hot drink to cool faster. I stood in that aisle a little while and savored the memories..... It's only two more sleeps until we head for arkansas and that kitchen with the familiar brown cups...more memories are
waiting to be made and that makes me happy tonight!

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