Friday, April 19, 2013

Charles elmer

On april 7 @ 11:24 pm and little 7lb 12oz 20 inch long bundle entered our lives. Small in size, but large in impact, our days since have been like none before. Before there were 4, now there are 5.efore there was "everyone to bed!" now there is walking the floor and bouncing and getting up every 2 hours. Before there was combing hair, fixing lunches, all the ordinary. Now, added, there is worry about jaundice and circumcisions and nursing. Before there were toys and games and playing dolls. Now there is "may i hold him??" before there was planning menus and cooking meals. Now there is seeing what the next person brings for our meal. Before there was running to town, driving school children, cleaning the shop. Now there is cozying up at home, snatching any chance for a nap. Before there was love, now there is love multiplied! God is good.

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