Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When Grace is a Baby Shower

Why, when grace appears, do I refuse it? Maybe it's because I fail to consider how Creative the grace-giver is. I didn't know grace looked like a mother-in-law busily cleaning, baking and preparing. And two lovely ladies brainstorming, decorating and planning. And a sister-in-law scouring stores for that perfect gift and driving 1 1/2 hours to be here. And a whole host of ladies bringing w/ them gift bags, smiles, cheerful chatter and laughter... No, I never pictured grace that way. Then too, I was much too busy thinking about Me to accept the free gift. *oh, they'll all be looking at me! *oh, I hate being fussed over! *oh, my baby will fuss all evening! *oh, I really don't need more stuff in my little house! And all the time there was Grace, loving and free, just waiting to be received. Sometimes the Grace-giver is very creative. Sometimes He uses earthen vessels to distribute His grace and bless with His love and all He wants from me is open handed acceptance. Because sometimes Grace is a Baby Shower!

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