Friday, June 7, 2013

Anniversary #12

Someday, when we're old and grey, I can see us sitting on the couch, me w/ his head in my lap like usual, and one of us will say, "Remember our 12th anniversary?" And the other will say, "Was that the time we had company 3 week ends in a row, the last right on our anniversary?" "That was the week you ended up at the Dr with a kidney stone attack, remember that? We didn't know what was up!" "Yeah, and we were so tired cause Charles was only 8 wks old!" "Oh yes! Remember how we got a motel later in the week, just for some alone time?" "Yes, and as soon as the baby slept we both crashed at like 8:15 with the light still on?!" *chuckle* "The sleep was worth the motel cost if nothing else!" "Those were the days weren't they? We had no plan for the next day, just some wandering about here and there..." Long pause as I run my fingers through his hair and we remember... "It was all about just being together, me and you, wasn't it?" And then we'll look at each other, and one of us will say softly, "It still is."

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