Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Not to complain or anything, but....All the Time?

Do I have to stay engaged all the time? Always check that whining voice, always choose the better choice, always keeping up w/ duties all the time? Do I have to stay in tune all the time? Always sending up a prayer, always set to do and dare, always loving, always caring all the time? Do I have to count the gifts all the time? Always when I wipe that nose, always when I clean those toes, always cooking, always cleaning all the time? Do I have to be consistent all the time? Always spank that naughty child, always answer meek and mild, always say my "no" is "no" all the time? Do I have to be a model all the time? Always show a cheerful face, always do my deeds w/ grace, always teach them how to live all the time? Do I have to think of others all the time? Always put the others first, always quench another's thirst, always self-less, always giving all the time? Do I have to be on duty all the time? Always there to answer questions, always ready with suggestions, does life have to be so *daily* all the time?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

5 wks til school?!

This is what you can accomplish when your baby gets you up at 5:30 a.m. i looked at the calendar the other day and couldn't believe my eyes! Only 5 more wks til school starts?? How did that happen?! I decided it's time to start sewing for my ever growing school girl! This has been a good summer. I think doing some intentional projects made it go more swiftly and happily than sometimes. Or maybe it's just because i dread seeing my babysitter leave every morning ...or because i'm not looking forward to that drive morning and afternoon... For whatever reason (and i'm sure it's a combination of several) i'm not feeling that "i'm so ready for school" feeling as much as usual. We've had fun together this summer. The 30 days of bible reading and the anticipated prizes were such good things for us! Right now we have a 30 days of good deeds deal going on! :) a little extra effort on parent's
parts can go so far!! So what all can we enjoy in 5 wks time...We'll never have this summer again!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Our cabin last week in hocking hills oh

"the closer we live to reality, even in our special moments, the better off we are." -chris eicher vacations are wonderful, and i am so thankful we had the chance to get away last week! A beautiful little cabin in the woods, water and sand, spectacular scenery along hiking trails, good food, looking up random tourist attractions, time spent with my favorite people..... Yes, last week was just about perfect, and i am so thankful for the many good memories we made together! But, i'm reminded of this quote by chris and i believe there's so much truth there. If extra money, a beautiful cabin, 4 days off work, tourist attractions, etc etc are required for me to have a special moment, than my life is going to be pretty dull and my special moments few and far between!! I think it's important to do "big" things as a family sometimes. But even more important is noticing the many special
moments every "regular" day that we spend together! Special moments from "regular" is the best legacy!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dear baby

I love your smiles, baby, your bright eyes and ready grin light up my world. I love the little fat wrinkles in your legs and your tiny little feet. I love to watch you as you discover your hands and the fun of toys. I love to see you growing and learning! But i have a bone to pick w/ you baby dear. I thought we had this night time deal figured out! I thought you understood that 9:30 was a decent time to close those bright little eyes and that 3-4 hr stretches were acceptable lengths of sleep. I thought you agreed w/ me that after your middle of the night snack it was best to lay right back down and go on sleeping. Dear, dear baby. How did we ruin this great understanding we had? How did 11 and 12 become acceptable hrs to close your eyes and laying right back down and going on sleeping cease to be a good idea? I love you dearly baby, but i sure liked our old understanding better! Could
we try that again? Love always, mom

Monday, July 8, 2013

A New Stage of Mom

I've been a mother of small children for 11 years. I love small children! To me small children are cute, trusting, loving, impressionable, fun. I'm slowly realizing though that my life is entering a new phase. My husband informed me recently that my name should not be on the dish washing schedule- I should never need to wash the dishes! Oh? Novel idea! Sure enough. I have children quite capable of clearing the table, putting the food away and washing the dishes w/ very little help from mom! I also have children capable of hanging out wash, folding it all, cleaning the bathroom, mixing up baked stuff.... You might say, Think how much easier your life is about to be! True, but you have to realize that I'm not naturally a teacher. It takes thought and effort and being intentional for this stuff to happen. Some days it's nice to say "Here's the recipe, mix up some cookies!" A lot of days that takes too much energy! Yes, it's a new stage of Mom. That being said, I can't say I'm missing after meal clean up! :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

When I feel like Clocking Out

It's one of those mornings when I'd like to just quietly clock out on my job. A late evening and a baby settling after midnight coupled w/ a dreary looking day and five children in the house does not equal energetic, cheerful mother! The house is in need of a good cleaning and I should put all 5 to the task but the very thought removes the tiniest bit of energy I might have had. And there's no leftovers in the fridge for dinner which erases even the faintest notion of cheerfulness... Yes, clocking out sounds like a great idea! But then I'd miss watching 2 little girls in their imaginary world where scarves, hats and gloves transform them into other people and places. And I'd miss the Memory tournament spread on the floor (coupled w/ much laughter and fun) between the 2 oldest. Sigh... While slipping out the door and doing something quietly (far away, alone!) sounds enticing, there are rainbows in the clouds if I will decide to notice them. So I will choose to notice and, if need be, paint a few myself!