Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 13: That Urge To C O N T R O L

It's not for nothing that Chris teases his book on marriage will be titled, "My Wife Wants Me To Lead But I Can't Run Fast Enough To Get In Front Of Her"! :) And, lo and behold, quiet, timid people struggle w/ this too! I learned early on that repeated reminders- "Did you call so and so?" "Have you still not called so and so?" (no matter how subtle) "Oh yeah, you were supposed to call so and so!" did not make for peace and harmony! Nor did 100 questions- "What time shall we leave?" "How long do you think it will take to get there?" "Don't you think we should get going?" Being timid and quiet only meant that I was more manipulative in my means of controling. There are a lot more ways to control than just brashly "wearing the pants"! Volunteering my husband's services because I thought he should help, not requiring my children to play quietly even though I knew Daddy wanted it that way, correcting him in public when a correction was really not vital... So many "subtle" little ways to wiggle in some control!

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