Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 2: Can't we just forget it?

And so it went between us- Mother's Day would arrive, and Chris would fuss, "Oh, sure! Let's have the men cook for the women! But have you ever heard of having the women go to work one day for the men??" And I would roll my eyes and say, "Oh, come on! Don't be ridiculous!" Or Chris would say, "Listen to a wedding sermon. They preach at the men to 'Be the leader they should be and women will WANT to follow.' What kind of ridiculous myth is that? Women are left thinking they only need to follow if men are doing it right!" And I would shake my head and try to say it wasn't as bad as he made it. Deep down I think I was afraid to admit he had a point. After all, if I agreed w/ him I might have some changes to make, and who likes to change? Why couldn't he just forget it and be like everyone else? One day he told me, "Look, why don't you look up the verses in Eph 5 and do a word study. See if you honestly think your view of submission is correct." I decided to take up the challenge and see what I would find...

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