Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 23: Thinking........

Some feed back from a few of you has set me thinking in these hours on vacation, and what I've been thinking is this: why is it so hard for us women to look at the husband and wife's commands separately? It seems you can't have a discussion on submission w/o the women immediately piping up "Yeah, but the men..." I've decided it's because to a woman marriage is all about relationship. Men read their command and say, "Ok. This is what I promised to do." Women read theirs and say, "Woah! What about his side? What if he doesn't do what he should? What if I do my part and he runs all over me? That's not fair! You can't have a relationship like that!!" It's a little like a business. We would agree that a good business means they make good money. We would also agree that if it becomes all about making the money, you soon ruin a good business! A marriage IS about a relationship. But when my focus is on "But the men! Relationship, relationship..." instead of focusing on my command, I think it becomes detrimental!

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