Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 4: The Book That Impacted My Life

I'm not sure how long after this it was that my sister mentioned a book she was reading. Maybe a few months? At any rate, she mentioned it and my interest was piqued! I took some of my precious quilting money and ordered the book. When it arrived, I spent hours poring over it's pages reading, underlining, re-reading. Page after page was an eye opening revelation! It all made so much sense and sounded so much like what Chris had been saying for years! I wanted him to read it and give his input so bad, I got blank tapes and recorded the whole book for him to listen to! (I know, crazy) :) I don't think his excitement matched mine, but he did agree the book was right on track. The book was Love And Respect (Ahh! There's my more catchy and intruiging word...) by Emerson Eggerichs. I wish every woman everywhere would read it and take it's message to heart! Or maybe it was just me. Maybe the message came at just the right time, when the flame had been lit and the desire was there to grasp truth. I'm not sure...

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