Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In Which We Begin on Submission

I was raised in a small, Mennonite church in the hills of AR. It was a sheltered life, in many ways, far from the world's views of feminism and women's rights! I was taught from little up that men should "wear the pants" and women must possess a "meek and quiet spirit". The closest I knew to controversy on the subject was some discussion over what exactly it means for women to "keep silence" in the church. I was a quiet, timid individual by nature and I didn't enjoy making decisions or being in charge. Thus the whole Submission issue was never really much of an issue with me! The men were supposed to be the leaders and I didn't like to be in charge anyway, so big deal! Or so I thought, anyway. Until I married a man who began challenging me on the issue. A man who insisted, timid or not, I didn't get it! According to him, Mennonites were far from sheltered from the controversy. He sited Wedding and Mother's Day sermons where men were thoroughly trounced and women praised and flattered! This was news to me!


  1. Keep writing! :) I'm listening! I'm pretty passionate about this subject... have spent too many years making mistakes. About the sermons... I think too, that the men get "hammered way more than the women." That's because the men are the preachers. Takes a brave man to stand up front and teach the women. The problem is the men get talked about way too much... it's just behind their backs. :(

  2. I'm enjoying this series, too, and your 'installment' approach. :)

  3. My appetite is wet!

  4. Wow! You ladies have no idea how encouraging your comments were to me!! Or how uncertain I am about trying to share my heart on this subject ... Thanks for your interest :)


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