Friday, February 14, 2014

A little project

My blog is not a place to show off lots of great projects and ideas...mostly because i don't have very many :) every once in awhile i get inspired and feel like sharing though! When jasmine was 3 we bought a cute child size card table and chairs. Those things have been worth every penny spent on them! The chairs were beginning to look pretty ragged from all the love and i hated to see them that way. Enter one of my bright ideas that don't always turn out! I took them apart and peeled off the old, battered covers. A trip to joann's where i picked out some sturdy fabric and some measuring, cutting, and lots of hot glue later, we have some brand new looking chairs again!! I was so pleased with the way they turned out and the girls love them! I don't know how well the fabric will hold up but i suppose i could do it again someday :) for now we've got cute chairs again!

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Mary Sue Eicher said...

very nice!