Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 27: #3 of The Top 5

Meal time is over, and there's piles of dishes to be washed and food to be put away, and Chris says, "Come sit with me". Seriously? I can't! I mean, you don't just leave dishes sitting. You do your work first and then you can relax! Or here's another scenario: There's a work night at the church, and my husband comes home saying he is just too tired to go anywhere. And I say, "But hunny! It seems like we hardly ever help with stuff like that. I already told people we would be there tonight! Don't you think we could go for a little while at least?" What is my husband hearing? "The dishes are more important to me than sitting with you!" "What the church people think is more important to me than the fact that you are tired!" Call it: #3. Stop Putting Other People or Things Before Your Husband. I doubt there's a widow anywhere who regrets the crusty dishes and letting people think what they wanted! I think it does something much deeper than we can imagine for our men when we make it a point to put them first.

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