Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 29: #5 of The Top 5

Have you ever been in a SS class where the teacher rambles on and on and then says, "Does anyone have any thoughts?" He pauses for 3 seconds, and then continues right on talking? That reminds me of women sometimes. Call it #5. Stop Taking the Lead Because You're Afraid He Won't. Maybe we've asked them to take out the trash, or make the phone call, or check the propane, or whatever, then we "wait 3 seconds" and grudgingly take out the trash ourselves. Just fyi: as long as a man knows you will step in and take care of it for him, he will jolly well let you! If they know that you're really going to keep your mouth shut, sit tight and let them handle it? They'll step up to the plate! They might not do it as quick as we think they should, or in exactly the way we think they should but if you wait long enough for them to actually lead, you might be surprised how well their way works out! Now I know this one can be taken to extremes and picked to pieces. But just remember the "3 second SS teacher" and sit tight!

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