Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 30: "That's what submission means to me"

Tucked into the old tablet where I wrote down words and definitions those many days ago, is a paper. I don't think it's message quite got through to me when it was written, but it brings tears to my eyes now. On it, Chris scribbled this: Dear Bethany, One thing that I want, need, long for, is for you to accept me as your leader. To really WANT to follow ME! To give up your ideas, goals, wants, and so forth. NOT that you don't have them or share them or still want, need, or desire them, but you give them up to me, to US. And some of YOUR idea becomes MINE and some of MY idea becomes YOURS, but in the end you trust me to love you enough to take OUR ideas and put them together in a way that is best for us. And TRUST that I made the best decision that I could. (even when it blows up in my face) And trust me enough to support me once the decision is made. And lay down all your personal "so forths" once you've given them to me. THAT is the one thing I want from you the most. That's what submission means to me."


Carolyn said...

Wow, that was very articulate and true!

Christy said...

I like this definition of submission.

I came to your blog after Dorcas linked you, and am looking forward to reading through your series. It's very brave to put your thoughts out for people to read when the subject is so debatable. I like people who are brave. :)

Bethany said...

Welcome Christy! I like people who leave comments :) Thank you for your kind words. God bless you!