Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 3: Science Museum of Minnesota

When we arrived at our destination last night (a house that my sister's friend is taking care of while the family is away) we made the decision that the 3 youngest and I would stay put today while Chris and the oldest 2 went to the Science Museum. So, while we had a lovely day playing with other people's toys, reading, doing some laundry and lagging and lolly gagging in this lovely house, they explored the wonders of the Science Museum of Minnesota...........

Written by Jasmine

This morning Daddy, Isaac and I went to the Science of Museum of Minnesota. It had shells, a puzzle of the Mississippi river, a steam engine and many other interesting things.

When we got there, we parked across the road so we had to walk to the museum. When we made it across we were walking toward the doors and one of the workers informed us that they were locked! He told us to go around the building and we could get in that way. When we made it there, there were steps up the side of the building or you could go into a garage type thing. We went into the garage. What do we find? Elevators! That wasn't part of our plan :) Isaac said he saw steps and we finally made it to the top! (And the unlocked doors)

When we got in we showed our membership card and everything, then we could get started. We went to a floor that had a tugboat that you could go inside. There was also a place where you tried to steer a boat, you could get a big boat or a little one. We also put together a puzzle with BIG pieces. It was a map of the Mississippi River.

Later we went outside to go mini golfing. I got one hole in one but after that I got a 6 :( Daddy won but I was only behind Isaac by one stroke. :) While we were outside Isaac and I ran through a maze and I think I jumped over a dead end :) There was also a place outside to put water in a watering can and pour it over different surfaces. There were holes at the bottom to tell how long it took for the water to get through. There was a room out there too. It was dark and on the wall you could see things from outside only there were upside down. You could see them because on the other side there was something that reflected them. It was neat to be able to see a car driving upside down on the wall.

After we finished in the room we went back inside. There we found a place to make pictures by stepping forward and backward. You stood somewhere in front of a screen and the lines went up and down when you went forward and backward. On one floor we ran a steam engine. (Isaac and daddy ran a steam engine) :)

One place had a real mummy from Egypt! A man that worked there told us that a long time ago they mummified people after they died. The6 believed that your "spirit" left you and then later returned. They thought that maybe their spirit might not recognize them if they didn't get mummified, so they did. It was all very interesting. Soon after that we went back to the place we were staying. I enjoyed the day very much!

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