Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 6: On the Road

After a peaceful night of rest in the Super 8 parking lot, my doors were opened and suitcases and people were loaded inside once again. My wheels were turned back toward DeSmet, and I rolled willingly along! From what I heard, everyone had had a good night and were eager to see a few more things before heading on to Iowa.

After a brief rest at The Laura Ingalls museum while the people eagerly checked out a very interesting room in the museum that they had missed the day before (a room full of lots of original items under glass, so I heard - Ma's shawl, a dress of Carrie's, the family Bible, jewlery, hankerchiefs, lots of photographs and handwritten letters and countless other items of great interest!) everyone clambored back aboard and my wheels were turned toward Iowa.

As we traveled on and the flat prairies turned to rolling hills, my work load became a little heavier! My youngest passenger seemed quite weary of being confined to my lovely interior. I was as relieved as his mother to have him silenced for a nice, long nap! The other 4 were fairly well occupied with a long story, "Hank the Cowdog" or some such I believe? It seemed like forever til they pulled me off for a refill for my hungry iron stomach. Then, it was back to the road where I carried them on toward their destination. They said they were looking for a McDonalds, I believe, but several hours later we rolled into Wendys for another little break.

Back on the road again (I was wondering when this journey would end!) I was interested to see what the restless children would find when they opened the packages their mother passed out. They seemed pleased with their gifts, and I was happy with the quietness that ensued as they checked out new treasures.

I was more than happy to take a break when they pulled me into a small parking area beside a white house and small garage. I enjoyed the silence while the people became reaquainted and enjoyed supper together, but that wasn't to last long! Soon the children all reappeared and 2 energetic boys began bouncing a basketball uncomfortably close to my nice, red walls! They didn't stop there, soon one boy had climbed atop my head and the other carried a cat up and let him prance around on my back! I was relieved when a parent turned up to restore some order!

I had hoped this would be my resting place for the night, but no. Here they all came climbing aboard once again! We rolled along and arrived at yet another house in the darkness and this time the suitcases and clothes were drug out and I heaved a sigh and settled in for a night of much deserved rest!

This trip has been interesting, but I'm beginning to wonder when I will see the hills of Ohio and my familiar resting place at the Millers again?

By: Big Bertha the Red Van

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