Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 7: Kansas

The rest are in bed. I should be there too, I suppose, and I should be making someone else write this. But I feel in need of a little unwinding time alone, and writing is a good way for me to accomplish that...

Today was our first day that didn't quite go as planned. Not bad for 7 days, I suppose! Our original plan was to leave at 7:30 this morning for the Science Center in Kansas City and then spend the evening and night at Javan Zimmermans and go to the Little House on the Prairie tomorrow. Well, our night got rather late after visiting too long with first Arlyn and Sue over supper and then Cynthia and her husband before getting to bed at Marvin Kauffman's house! But, we've been flexible as we've gone along, and the visiting was more important than a rigid schedule.

So, we decided to leave later this morning and go to the Little House on the Prairie today and the Science Center tomorrow, making it possible for me and the little ones to stay at Javans and catch up a little. After a delicious breakfast by Cynthia, we headed out and arrived in Independence, KS in the afternoon.

Upon arrival there, Chris remembered why he'd made the plans the way he did - the place is closed on MONDAYS!! Bummer. We looked around and then headed on for Javans.

Our supper and evening spent together made up for everything :) Such fun watching our children get to know each other and a little amazing to see ourselves mirrored in our oldest daughters! When did we become the mothers instead of the young girls giggling and sharing "heart to hearts"?? Matina and I go way back. Back to when we were probably close to our girl's ages! Don't tell anyone but we felt a little old tonight heading off to bed like responsible mothers of 5 and 7 instead of staying up and talking til the wee hours :)

Tomorrow we'll hang around here, do some laundry and some more catching up. Then we'll go back to Independence to see what we can see and meet Javan's family for supper at a park and spend the night here again. Good times ahead..... and now I had better join my slumbering family (and hope that the passle of boys sleeping outside in the tent have a peaceful night!) :)


tabitha said...

Bethany and Matina! I remember the first time I saw you, Bethany; I thought you were Matina's sister. :)

I'm enjoying the chronicles of your trip -- what a great thing to do with your family! They are at the perfect age too. :)

Bethany Eicher said...

I remember that too, Tabitha! :) We took a picture together again and I think we could still pass for sisters!