Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 8: Fun and Friends

(Just for your info - I'm furious. I've typed part of this and accidentally lost it TWICE!!!)

By Jasmine

We've been gone for a week now. I'm getting kind of tired of traveling now but it's still fun. We spent the day at Javan and Matina's for our 8th day.

In the morning after breakfast Tanya and I went outside. We caught the kittens and went to the hay bales. We played with the kittens a bit, then let them go and played tag. When we were finished we decided to catch them again but they didn't want to be held so we went back to the house.

Right before lunch Tanya, Isaac, Bradlyn and I played Scrabble. In the middle of the game we had to go to lunch, afterward we finished our game. Then we went out to play a game of croquet. Logan won even though Isaac got to be poison first!

That afternoon Tanya and I decided to pretend the little children were our children. While we were outside playing church, dad called and said it's time to go. We were going back to the place Laura and Mary lived in "Indian Territory", and then meeting Javan's family at a park for supper. At the Little House on the Prairie the well Pa dug was still there they had built a log cabin on the old foundation that was the same size as the one they had lived in. They also had an old school and post office.

When we had finished there we went to the park. They had a train, a miniature gold course, and a play ground with huge slides. They were a lot of fun!

When Javan's family came, we had supper, rode the train, and played mini golf. Then we went back to the playground. On the playground they had things that you sit in and spin. They were tilted so that you could make them go by yourself. There was also a wheel, sort of like a big tire, only it wasn't standing up straight nor did it have air in it :) It was on it's side and also tilted so that when you ran on it, it spun. It was a lot of fun!

When it was time to go home Isaac and I rode with Javan's family. When we got back to their house we had watermelon and Tanya, Isaac, Bradlyn and I played Ninja. That night I slept with Tanya in the tent. It was a fun day!

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Actually this post does show up 3 times on my Reading list. My sympathies; I hate when I [think I] lose a post, too.