Monday, July 21, 2014

Days 10 - 13: Arkansas

We spent our last 3 days with the Gingeriches in Arkansas. Rachel and Kristine gave us their house and they stayed with Grandpa. They were having their last 2 days of Summer Bible School so it was a busy time to be there!

Thursday forenoon Rach, Krisitine, Joy and I (and my little ones) went to visit a neighbor lady, Genice, who was one of mom's good friends. We had a little "party" along with her daughter, daughter-in-law and sister. You can't spend time with them without laughter and stories :) It also felt sad because mom was missing from the circle.

We spent the afternoon having lunch together, quilting on the quilt mom had left unfinished, picking blackberries and playing with cousins. I did laundry somewhere in there too! Supper was at Carl's that night for whoever was around. We sure enjoyed their fresh sweet corn, cucumbers and peaches!

Friday morning we all went to the Bible School program. Charles wasn't too impressed and didn't cooperate too well, but it gave us a chance to see some church people. Quilted again in the afternoon and got the quilt finished! I loved being able to help with that! I got to go berry picking that afternoon and that was fun again too in spite of the normal scratches and chigger bites.

I spent all Saturday morning getting things packed back up! We all left at 11 and had a picnic at the Blanchard Springs picnic area. Carl, Grandpa and Isaac did a little fishing while the rest of us packed the picnic things away and waded in the ice cold spring water! We got cleaned up and left there around 3 along with Grandpa, Rachel, Kristine and 2 of Carl's girls and headed back up to Mansfield, MO. When we were there Wednesday, we found out they do a Musical called "Laura's Memories", so we decided to go back up for that Saturday evening and then get a motel and leave from there for home.

It was a perfect way to end our trip and was especially fun to have other family along to enjoy the evening with! The very sanguine lady who was the music director talked with us beforehand and was so impressed when she heard about our trip that she told the whole cast and they gave us public recognition

We pulled out around 7 yesterday morning for one more day on the road. And now, it's back to real life! It's a little hard to believe it's all over with - all the planning and preparation and work........... It's a trip we'll never forget, that is certain, but not something we'd want to do every summer! :) It's been fun to share the trip with you all and it was a good way to give ourselves a little journal to look back and remember our trip by.

So ends our Big Adventure!

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Shannon said...

Enjoyed reading about your trip. It sounds like something my girls would like. (and me too) :)

My heart hurt for you when I read about going back home for the first time since your mom died. I have thought about you often since I heard about her.