Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When You Have Nothing To Say But You Say Something Anyway

I haven't had anything to say these days, so....... I haven't been saying it! I mean there's boring things like - I finally went to the Dr yesterday after coughing for 3 weeks and getting sore ribs. He spent 5 minutes looking at me and prescribed meds for a sinus infection and sent me on my way. Or - we have been having an unusual amount of rain for this time of year and I'm beginning to wonder if Ohio has "rainy season" or what? Exciting things like that. Things akin to the - "Dear So and So, Hello! How are you? I am fine." variety.

I am in the midst of preparing a family of 5 children for 12 days on the road. Maybe that explains everything without any further explanation needed! I mean, where does one start? How many clothes does that come out to, exactly? And this is not a drive-all-day-reach-destination-stay-for-12-days trip. This is a 12-day-stay-somewhere-different-nearly-every-night trip!

We are excited. And some of us are a little overwhelmed. Okay, make that singular and "a lot" and it'd be more honest! But we ARE excited. And I'm planning to drag you all along with daily pictures and updates from Eicher reporters young and old, so you can go ahead and start getting excited too! :)

In the mean time, I'll be making lists and finishing up sewing and working on food ideas and "things to keep 5 children happy in a van" ideas, and rounding up suitcases and all the last minute things that suddenly HAVE to be done before Departing On A Big Trip -- why haven't I noticed the windows before? And the ceiling fan?? Horrendous. Yeah. Those kind of dire, Important, things.

Where are we going? All in due time, all in due time! I like to leave people on the edge of their seats. Keeps life so much more interesting! :) :)

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Carolyn said...

Hey!! That's what I was gonna ask, WHERE ARE YOU GOING??