Friday, August 29, 2014

What Moms Do

Ever wonder what moms do?

This morning I got up. I enjoyed the dark silence and some time to wake up quietly. I then embarked on my day -- got dressed, and started on school lunches. I went to the freezer to get bars for said lunches. "I think I'll keep one out for myself," I decided. I set my bar on the counter and finished up lunches. I urged the first grader to get dressed; I combed her hair. Somewhere in the midst of things, my oldest noticed the bar on the counter, "Mmmm! One lonely little bar...." he said, reaching greedily. "Oh, go ahead," I shrugged. "I got it out for me but you can have it."

That's what moms do.

After seeing the children off I got my little girl cereal and decided to get some for myself before the little man woke up. "I'll go ahead and get another bar out, I really wanted one," I decided. I fixed my cereal with the bar nicely resting in the middle. I sat down. I took four bites. The little man woke up, right on que! I can't be cross long with his little arms tight around my neck and head snuggled on my shoulder. I sit back down, take up my spoon and share my breakfast. Little man likes bites with bar included best so I fish out cereal for me, and bar for him, and we finish the meal happily.

That's what moms do.

Tonight, when all the hungry little grubbers are in bed, I think I'll go to the freezer, remove the biggest bar, and eat it. All.

Sometimes moms do that too!


Shannon said...

Good one. I sneak things too after they are in bed. :D

Miller scribe said...

Love it!

Jennifer said...

It is true! Mom's always go without when there isn't enough for the kids, take the smallest serving. I did see a funny saying though that said when you grow up you can eat the secret ice cream that gets eaten after you go to bed!

Kim said...

Yes Moms do!
Thank you I needed this today. Nice to know I am not alone!

Anonymous said...

Sounds so familiar :)