Monday, October 6, 2014

Winter's Coming

There's this feeling that is coming,
It's been threatening me sore.
Creeping in around the corners,
Peering in through tight shut doors.

I have positively snubbed it,
It's been pointedly ignored.
I have turned my coldest shoulder,
It must know it's not adored!

Still, it's coming resolutely,
There's no stopping it's advance.
Seems nobody can withstand it,
Even me with all my rants.

In it comes with chilling fingers,
Forcing shoes upon my feet.
Causing goose bumps, chills and shivers,
Bringing thoughts I can't repeat!

Gone the days of flapping washlines,
Gone the sunbleached towels and clothes.
Gone the flip flops and the sandals,
Gone the freedom summer knows.

In come rain drenched piles of laundry,
In come make shift lines for wash.
In come muddy boots and jackets,
In come four walls that will squash.

Walls that daily draw us closer,
As the air grows colder still.
Walls that threaten to engulf us,
Keeping us against our will.

How this feeling shrinks our quarters,
With it's pile of coats galore.
Stacks of shoes, then boots and mittens,
Scarves and hats .... need I say more?

Mornings call for cups of warmness,
Night time brings those chilly sheets!
And that unforgiving shudder
When one's skin the toilet meets!

You may say that I'm complaining,
You may say it's not so bad.
You may say I should be thankful,
Count my blessings just a tad.

After all, I have these four walls,
And a roof over my head.
I have food and heat and family,
And no outhouse in a shed!

Still, I can't deny this feeling,
This sharp sinking of my heart,
As the winter comes a creeping,
And I see the warmth depart!


Carolyn said...

Oh Bethany, right now I could hug and kiss winter. I. Am. So. Tired. Of. Sweating....

Bethany Eicher said...

Taaaake meeee to Thialaaaaand!!! I have goose bumps and I positively HATE being cold!

Aaaaahhh, yes. Like my mom used to always say, "As a rule, man's a fool! When it's hot, he wants it cool. When it's cool, he wants it hot - always wanting what is not!" :)

Tina said...

This is way.too.good!!!! :) Did you make this poem up?? Oh my, dear wintertime, I do have mixed feelings about it but I'll just say this my heart isn't totally given over to it like some peoples are. I mean, HOW CAN I embrace the mud, the putting up of the children inside most of the time, the sun on vacation, shorter days of sunlight (what's there of the sun anyways), etc. On the other side, (actually!:)) there's no garden work, no sweating (as was mentioned), and some other good things too! I like that poem!!

Bethany Eicher said...

Made it up, yes ma'am. Can't say that I like winter much a'tall, not a'tall! Just plumb dread it that's what. But I'm a tryin to be happy, that whole "be flexible or be miserable" thing ya know....... SIGH. Sometimes seems I'd just as rather be miserable just for a little while! :)