Monday, January 5, 2015

31 Days: What Do Mennonites Believe?

So, what makes a Mennonite a Mennonite? Or, what makes a Baptist a Baptist for that matter? What we mean by these titles, of course, is that we identify with a certain group of people because we believe the same things they do. By using a title, we immediately let people know who we agree with; what our beliefs are. And, if we don't know exactly what a Methodist believes? We can always go home and google it! :)

Just for the sake of all being on the same page, I am going to be "google" for you today. You can find a more complicated/detailed version of what Mennonites believe, but here are the basic beliefs we hold:

*The Beachy/Amish Mennonites are a Christian group with an Anabaptist heritage, evangelical emphasis, and community-based traditionalist practice. They are neither a mainstream church nor a cult, but are rather considered a sect, orthodox in Christian belief but somewhat separate from society. Some distinctive beliefs include:

~ Baptism upon confession of Jesus Christ by a person who has reached accountability. Thereafter the church community provides members with lifelong accountablilty in order to uphold God's directives for holiness as revealed through the Bible and by the Holy Spirit through the brotherhood.

~ Emphasis on the essential role of church community as a supporting organism for spiritual growth, fellowship, and accountability.

~ Nonresistance, that is, returning good for evil and not resisting a persecuter. This includes non-involvement in armed combat.

~ An extent of practical everyday separation from mainstream society, especially in areas of social and recreational activities, personal adornment, amusement, speech, gender roles, and schooling.

~ A covering for women in obedience to 1 Corinthians 11:1-16.

~ Godly judgement is to take place within the church. The church is not responsible for judging the Christian devotion of those outside the immediate church and constituency, but rather to tend to the flock.

~ This is paralleled by an outreach program that aims to inform and encourage non-Chrisians and lax Christians of the fallen state of man and the opportunity to follow Jesus Christ as devout servants of God.

* Taken from the website

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