Monday, May 25, 2015

The Whirl of Activity

I'm not sure why I was worried about summer vacation? So far it has been a whirl of activity and there has been no time to even concern myself with Schedules and Plans and Goals! Nobody has gotten bored yet with the blissful ability to run outside and play instead of getting out the door to school on time. Then again, they haven't had much of a chance for that yet!

Last week turned out to be busier than I had thought with one day taken up going to a funeral in PA. We came home, all tired out, and got up the next day to tackle the task of packing up for the 14 hour drive to AR! After two and a half very short, very full days in AR with my dad and siblings, we're rolling back onto Ohio soil as I write.

Blogging hasn't really been on my radar in the midst of the whirl of activity! I think I'll let the feelings and emotions of the past week swirl along their way without attempting to sort them out into tidy rows of letters and words. I will only say this: the first anniversary of Mom's passing and the weekend spent with family have felt a bit like when you have a scab that's nicely healed over but you start picking away at the edges because you just NEED to. As the scab peels back, it hurts and it bleeds a little and you're tempted to put it back and stop pulling. But you find, somewhat to your surprise, that there's a lot of new, pink skin under there.......

I do have some interesting things to share with you come June! I also have a give away brewing once I get some details sorted out.... and I have another week end trip coming up to get ready for and piles of laundry and the usual catching up to do after being gone from home. If the weather cooperates, plans are to start digging the basement for our new house this week! Somehow I don't think there will be any time for boredom around here any time soon...

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Tina said...

The family picture....but missing someone very special. And that's painful.
I believe I have some claim to this family.:) I'm excited with you about this new house coming up!! Yay!