Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Love of a Father

Discouragement is --

*The layer of cobwebs along every ceiling in the house and knowing they can only be the sign of a terrible truth: I am a failure at housekeeping.

*The whiny children who also seem to constantly be bickering with each other and knowing it can only mean one thing: I am a failure as a mom.

*The everlasting 5 p.m. dilemma of "What's for supper?" And knowing I should plan ahead: I am a failure at cooking.

*The husband who has been feeling neglected and ignored and knowing this surely means: I am a failure as a wife.

*The long list of birthdays I have failed to send cards for and knowing that even here: I am a failure as a friend.

Encouragement is --

*Sitting in a Sunday school class and hearing other ladies echo the needs you are feeling and knowing you are not alone. You are not crazy or losing your mind.

*Listening to an inspiring message and realizing my Father is my Lover and He really does meet me where I am. He knows the needs of my heart and He answers those pleas for His help.

*Tears trickling down my face as I realize this world is not my home, I am just passing through...

Satan loves to get me to believe his lies. He loves to convince me to live out of my feelings of failure. Feelings that are only that; feelings. Not truth. But my Father's love is stronger than satan's evil intentions. Oh, to have Him pour His truth into my heart! This week may I be wooed by His love; may my eyes be open to see His truth.


tabitha said...

Oh Bethany, this is just what I need this morning. Thanks for the encouragement, and for reminding me Whom I need to listen to!

Bethany Eicher said...

I am so glad you found encouragement, Tabs! I don't feel like I put into words very well what I was feeling but I know you will find perfect truth for your soul if you listen to Him!! ~Bethany