Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Heffalumps and Blog Breaks

It is the time of year (or month, or century, or.....something.) when I am at this place again -- http://bethany-aboutmyfathersbusiness.blogspot.com/2015/05/an-argument-with-writer.html?m=1 Only the arguments vary some and the reasons as well. Oh. And there are no cats or lilacs to be had these days, which proves that I am certainly in a worse position than the last bad position I was in!

And so, like Pooh Bear, who's friendship and mine goes a-way back, I am declaring in a solemn voice: "I have decided something." The only difference is, he decided to catch a Heffalump and I've decided to take a blogging break. Which, as Pooh might conclude after long thought, is really the same thing. So there you have it.

Now that all of our brains are muddled, and no one is quite certain if we are talking about Heffalumps or Woozles or that other thing, what was it? Blogging Breaks, ahh yes. Those. I will knock off the nonsense and be serious. Which, after all, would seem to be about the same thing as declaring in a solemn voice but then again, you never know on Tuesdays.

As I Was Saying: I have decided to take somewhat of a blogging break.

I have a subject on my mind for another 31 Days of Writing project in January. I've tried to make it go away but it won't listen. Actually, I know better then to try, because I did that before one time and it didn't work out very well but I've wished it would go away, that I most certainly have. But it hasn't, and it needs my attention. The whole thing is causing a dry well in my writing and since I aim for two posts a week around here, it bugs me when there's nothing there to be posted. Which, in turn, dries up any other writing altogether.

So, no posting until January. Or, I should say, no posting unless something just comes along and *wants* to be posted. Which it might very well do; you never can tell with these things. Sometimes it might want to come often and sometimes it might not want to come at all. We shall let it do as it wishes.

And I am serious.

At that, "...Winnie the Pooh came over all funny, and had to hurry home for a little snack to sustain him." Which is just the way I feel.

The End.