Monday, February 22, 2016

When You're Losing Your Mind

I'm not sure whether to show my blushing face or pretend to be oblivious. I just realized I accidentally sent my weekly family email to, not only  my family, but also my blog! I deleted the post but that does nothing for those of you who receive my posts via email.... I guess, like Pollyanna, we can be glad that I am now forced to write a blog post.

Sometimes I fear for my future.

Last Thursday I got a phone call saying I could pick up our monthly treat of three loaves of homemade bread that Chris bought at the school auction. "If you can just stop by after picking up your school children it will be ready for you." Sure, no problem.

At 3:20 my phone chimed and my jaw sagged. I was back home with my children and picking up bread had never once crossed my mind!

Friday and Saturday I went along to the Bible Quiz Retreat. Last year I also went with the Antrim crew and arrived there to discover I had left my pan of dessert at home in our fridge. They didn't give up on me - this year I needed to bring two pans. As I lay in bed Thursday night going over Things To Be Done In The Morning I told Chris, do NOT let me forget that dessert!!

We rushed out the door several minutes late Friday morning with me saying, "I feel like I'm forgetting something" and my children telling me, "You always say that, mom!" We were several minutes down the road when it suddenly clicked in my brain, "We forgot the dessert!!!" At least this time we could go back and get it.

If I'm this bad at 37, what will I be like at 50?! This is why I have an alarm set on my phone to go off every morning reminding me to give Chris his pills. It is also the reason I tell my youngest daughter to remind me about the bag of dresses that has been waiting for a month to be taken along to church. Now, it is also the reason I will be double checking who all my next email is being sent to....


Anonymous said...

I did not see the blog emailed by mistake. However, I'm reminded of another e-mail I read that was meant for family only. It was from afar, and included personal notes that are fine for family, but not appropriate for a wide audience, such as a rebuke for her brothers for not remembering their sisters' birthdays.

This letter went to everyone in her mailbox, including the Budget! At the Budget office they had the perception to realize it was not meant for publication and assured her that since the tone was not her typical tone, they would not publish it unless specifically instructed to.

As for forgetting things, I do it too sometimes, but some things that make it happen less often than it would otherwise is taping a note to the steering wheel, putting a note with my purse...


Bethany Eicher said...

Dear me. I'm thinking this would have been a case of least said soonest mended... I've heard from 3 people now that my family email never showed up in their inbox! I know for a fact that I deleted said post from blogger but maybe I really AM losing my mind??

Tina Z. said...

Oh, now, just relax!:) You AREN'T losing your mind. Cause if you are, the rest of us are too. We're just all in the same boat, doing things every now and then that are embarrassing to ourselves.:) We need to give ourselves a little bit of room to mess up now, don't we? (I know, not really, please!) Good blog post,anyways! And you could still send me the family email--heehee!

Rosina said...

Lists, lists, lists. That's what covers up the fact that I am actually losing my mind and can't remember things anymore. The day I forget to make a list will be a sad one.