Monday, February 29, 2016

Winter Break Is For.....

Winter Break is for traveling, exotic vacations and fun, exciting times.....or it seems like that's what would be nice. I picked up a bit of wisdom from a friend last week in the midst of our very low key winter break that I thought was excellent insight:
We spent our week at home, with each other, and this is what we discovered Winter Break is for....

It's for town day and driving an hour to a Goodwill where you find nothing, then finding treasures at the Goodwill close to home.
It's for trying on high heels and eating at Wendy's at the shiny red bar by the window

It's for putting together 50 cent puzzles from our Goodwill excursion...

It's for letting the house look like this:

It's for playing games together ...
 Clue, Memory, Yatzee, For Sale, Rumicube, more Clue...more Clue...

It's for reading books and finding Goldbug and saying "What shall we do now??"

It's for girls helping each other make cinnamon rolls with the only assistance from mom being to say when they're done - and to confirm they are delicious!
It is also for fusses and hurt feelings
(And no, she wasn't writing sentences for a punishment...keeping it real!)

 It's for play-doh messes (and messy hair) and all things unscheduled and laid back...which sometimes translates into boring, but not always.

It's for teary eyed moms who's last straw for the day was dropping the bowl full of refried beans when
supper was *finally*
almost ready....
A favorite bowl, I might add.

All in all, it's for spending time
T O G E T H E R.


Treva said...

Oh, man, I am sorry about the bowl of beans. That's a terrible day ending. And David and I are both laughing so hard at the picture of Lillian writing out her feelings. Love it!

Bethany Eicher said...

I felt almost bad sharing that but life is real and it was too funny....and so Lillian!!

Betsy said...

Perfect. I would love to have my children back home to have days like that again...minus the bean accident. :-)

Tina Z. said...

I LIKE the writing on the board; the saying n the style of writing!! Love thrift store shopping too!!! And cinnamon rolls!!!:):)
And I am sorry about the dish breaking!!:(
Ya'll enjoy the rest of the school year now! :) Good memories of winter break to look back on!