Thursday, September 22, 2016

Twice On Thursdays

I confess to feeling really dry lately; brittle, in places.

I'm not really sure why,
so I won't try to explain it.

Since I have nothing inspirational to say
And since I'm sitting here holding 
my sick child and might as well do something profitable
I'll see what snippets I can come up with in a picture post.

Problem is,
my pictures are even kinda dry.

I've been spending lots of my time on a project for the school auction.

I've had so much fun with it
and I plan to give you the full run down when I'm done but until then...

This is another project for 
the school auction 
but since this is as far as it's gotten yet,
 I can't tell you any more about it 
at the moment either.

(Mentioning it might make me 
feel accountable somehow, see...)

Work keeps happening at the new house, little by little.
My kitchen countertops are in

and that could be a story
worth telling,
perhaps another day.

(I'm really not trying to be mysterious about everything here, I'm mostly just in a mood.)

This book came in the mail last week and I'm digesting it slowly.
I'm a little scared of it,
 to tell you the truth.
Supposing God wants to change me somehow, ya know?

This child amuses me daily with his vivid imagination and constant jabber. Seriously, he never stops talking!
"Mom, the pwuck went bumpy bumpy bumpy and fwashed into the tree!!"
Everything goes 'fwash'
and is a Big One
and I have to hear about it all
And respond.

Sometimes it's not actually amusing, sometimes it's annoying.

But I do love to watch him play and see what he comes up with.
He is constantly giving all the little people names and making them go places and do things.

One day these two were Grandpa Gingerich and Grandma Sara. He even took Grandpa Gingerich outside with him to fix his trike!

In closing I'll leave you with these pictures taken through the van windshield on my morning drive
home from school.

I love this spot in the road.

 I always think I will use these pictures
to write some inspiring post
on sunshine and shadows

But it never writes itself
 so I'll just let you look at them and maybe you can come up with
 your own inspiration.

Sunshine to you all,
And twice on Thursdays.

1 comment:

Tina Z. said...

What pictures were dry? :)
....seasons come and seasons go...but God never changes! Maybe you can share with us your 'take' on the last 3 pics soon.