Saturday, February 18, 2017

Life In Pictures

I'm feeling wordless these days, so I'll give you a little
 "life in pictures" post...

One birthday at The House On The Hill,
Jasmine turned 13 last week!

A snowy, wintery view

Snuggles with my snuggler

Doing something special for Valentine's sounded so sweet and fun
 but I was so tired...
At the last minute I mixed up hamburgers and scrounged up crackers n cheese and apple slices. I sent the kiddos to the basement (Amazing ability, right there!!) A string of lights for pretty; red plates, napkins, candy and drink brought home by dad; a conversation heart under each plate...
It was so worth it.

Glasses, like mom

A painting party because they have a sweet big sister who shares her birthday presents and gives lessons.

The big sister is definitely
 enjoying her new 'toys'!

Its ugly, old, yellow Tupperware but those labels were so much fun!

This one will make no sense 
unless you know how much I love cottage cheese on saltines.
When you discover
 that you went to the wrong town 
for your eye Dr appointment,
 the day starts heading down hill. 
When you find, at your last stop, that Aldi has only chocolate pudding and you have to have vanilla,
 buying cottage cheese at Walmart
 and eating it in the parking lot
 is sweet revenge on a day that's reducing you to tears.

A wild and wet party that included washing some dishes

This child has been begging...

Chris and the two oldest are off at the two day Ohio Valley Bible Quiz retreat.
The littlest had a stomach bug yesterday so we've been rattling around
 in this house, just the four of us.
 I mentioned the word "library" this morning so I suppose I will need to do something about it.

A happy weekend to you!


Treva said...

Enjoyed all of this! Jasmine's picture is beautiful! The labels on your containers look great! And your "sweet revenge"... hahaha!!

Samuel & Lois said...

Loved this post! I agree about Jasmine's picture...gorgeous! I relate with some of those 'sweet revenge' moments!! You have a lovely view from your treetop house. It will be amazing to you how quickly you will take your new house for-granted and almost forget the old one. Not totally, but we tend to live in the here and now, therefore such happens. Our 960 sq.' house held precious memories, but now our 3,000 sq' house is home and well-lived in, and at times I almost...forget.
Ps. I also admire your ability to pull a sweet valentine's supper together for your family. I know the feeling of tiredness that causes me to not get it done, when I really would like to.

Bethany Eicher said...

I guess it was actually salty, but you get the point 😃

Bethany Eicher said...

So true. I'm determined to try hard to not forget but I know I will!!