Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Spot In The Woods

One of the things we have enjoyed about our new house, is space for the children to roam outdoors and use their imaginations. We don't have much land but the bit that we have has already provided hours of playing in the woods.

The girls love to make trails and houses and uncover the beauty amidst the brambles and bushes. I love that they love it. It brings back many happy memories of my own childhood and the hours I spent doing the same.

Several days ago, my imaginative ladies surprised me with something
 very special - 
My own little spot in the woods!

They are constantly begging me to "come look at something",
So I thought nothing of it when they said they had something to show me. In fact, to my shame, I was too busy to go look at it until a day later.

It's hard to take pictures that 
do the little spot justice.
Under a low hanging tree, they cleaned out a spot and cleared a path to it. Then they provided me with a woodland seat.

Across from my perch,
they wove vines to make a little wall.

Over my head there is a lovely roof of green leaves with delicate, white flowers blooming profusely.

My nine year old didn't stretch it a bit when she gushed, 
"It's just like a dream!"

I think I like being a mom.

PS. If I go missing, I might have decided to just move to my hideout.


Rosina said...

So sweet! :)

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

That is so awesome and what sweet special girls you have! ❤️